Management Team

The management team of Biofelix Pharma Group comprises of senior leaders of sales(Export/Domestic), operations, logistics, HR and finance. Our highly qualified chemists, engineers, technologists and marketing professionals are working hard to achieve our goal. The management team is making best efforts under the guidance of Mr. Jayesh Patel, having 25 years of work experience to achieve customer satisfaction.

Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D) process is a critical stage in drug development in the  Pharmaceutical  industry, With a strong emphasis on research & development, a fully equipped state of the art laboratory and our chemists are working hard to respond to the community’s need for better and economical products with advanced features.

Quality Assurance

Biofelix is committed to consistent quality assurance for all the products which we supply. We fully stand by the performance guarantee of all our clinical products and laboratory products. We are committed to the implementation of international quality standards to ensure quality of our products.