Research & Development is essential in all industries. And, when it comes to the pharmaceutical research industry, R&D services not only generates income for the companies involved in the research but it often brings results in lives being saved, or at least enhancement in patient’s lives.

Our dedicated R&D department comprising scientists & Chemists work day and night applying science to the cause of finding cures. They collaborate closely with associates to come up with breakthrough ideas for addressing patient needs and find synergies that cut-across therapeutic domains. The main focus is to develop affordable products with the help of technologies. Our focus remains on continuing to develop new formulations in various dosage forms including Solid dosage, liquid dosage, Sterile preparations, injectable, Creams, ointments etc.

In pursuit of our objective of enhancing global healthcare through innovative and affordable pharmaceuticals, Biofelix’s Research and Development (R&D) function has built world-class competence and capability on the back of robust infrastructure and a talent pool that has extensive global product development experience.

Biofelix Pharma Group’s R & D Overview Includes:

  • Development of Generics
  • Strict Compliance IPR / Non-infringing route
  • Infrastructure includes facility for scale-up & validation
  • Capability includes handling complex chemistries
  • Regulatory complaint development & scale-up


The dosage forms and technologies developed by our R&D include:

  • Immediate Release Solid Dosage Form (IR)
  • Sustained Release Tablet Technology (DR)
  • Effervescent Technology
  • Enteric Coated Technology
  • Orally disintegrating tablets form
  • Tablet in capsule technology

Once a pharmaceutical product is developed, it undergoes the following:

  • Conceiving and identifying product profile
  • Pre formulation studies
  • Lab formula development and development for stability & validation
  • Scale up for process optimization /validation
  • Analytical method development
  • Stability studies as per ICH guidelines
  • Dossier preparation for submission/Technical assistance for contract manufacturing